Welcome Back!: Fun Updates, Plans for the Site, Name Change, and More…

Well hello again…

It’s been some time since I’ve posted to the blog and honestly I’m pretty disappointed with myself. I had gone through a trial run of Booktube which was going pretty well (until I broke my phone of course) and during that time I had pretty much put blogging on hold. I was still planning content and coming up with fun ideas for the blog but I never fully got around to implementing them. Now that I’ve been on hiatus for a little while from YouTube I figured I would put more energy into my blog. I know, I know. You’re probably rolling your eyes at me through the screen. One day I promise I will learn how to manage multiple blogs and keep up with the YouTube channel. Right now is not the time though so we’ll get to that later.

So let’s talk about the good.

Just the two of us 🎶

First and foremost I would like to announce this blog will have another book loving, nerdy, author joining us. My best friend Desiree will be signing on as co author to the blog (which would explain the name change but I’ll address that later). So we basically met in high school – senior year – and after a brief moment of hating each other (yes we are a genuine enemy to friends trope) we discovered that we actually were pretty similar and liked the same stuff. One of our major common interest was reading. We used to read all the time, hang out at the library, and swap book suggestions. We probably would go to each other’s house just to read books. I’m pretty sure that was our way of bonding. Just sitting in a quiet room, in our own little worlds, reading a book.


Desiree will be helping me out with the blog by sharing her love of reading, her book reviews, and just other bookish discussions right here on the site. She’s relatively new to the online book community so go ahead and shoot her some love over on her Instagram and Twitter.

New Name Who Dis?

So that brings me to the next announcement #2 … THE NAME CHANGE. So if you’ve noticed the name and url have change from “Positively Briana Reads” to “Positively Booked.” So I obviously couldn’t have the title only reflect myself because it now includes someone else. I am still working on changing the website theme, logo, and artwork so please bear with me. You may still see some things that say “Positively Briana Reads” on it but the page is undergoing a major cosmetic change soon. We’ll get it together soon I promise. Just have a little patience with us.

Announcement #3. The blog has a lot of content soon and there will be a schedule to help you guys keep track of the content that will be posted. Sometimes we may stray from the schedule a bit but it’ll be followed for the most part and you’ll be able to have a general of idea of when to expect content and what type of content to post. Of course we’ll want to post more often than this and add a wider variety of what will be posted but this is basically the minimum of what you can expect from us.

Weekly Schedule

Monday: Weekly Overview, Check-ins, Content for the Week

Tuesday: Random Bookish Discussion

Wednesday: Book Review

Thursday: Book Review

Friday: Fave Fridays (Both Desiree and I will post our favorites for whatever topic we select that week).

Saturday and Sunday: Weekends are pretty much reserved for any random content we just have the urge to post. Sometimes there will be posts on the weekend and sometimes there won’t. There also might be some random content spread throughout the week as well.

So that’s pretty much it for the weekly posting schedule.

Buddy Reads Reviews and More

Now we do plan to have some other regular content but it will be more on a monthly basis. This will consist of buddy reads where we’ll have check ins on how we feel about the book, joint book reviews, videos, once we get our YouTube channel going, and also plenty of other things.

I’m really excited and looking forward to all the things to come and I hope that you guys are too. You should expect us to fall into the above posting schedule within the next week or two and you should be seeing Desiree starting to show her face (or words) around here pretty soon.

I hope you guys love the content we have coming up and if you have any ideas or just suggestions for what you want to see PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us know in the comments down below.

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